Gold, Silver & Platinum Buying

Precious Metals Buyers in Fairfield, CT

Is your jewelry box filled with unused, outdated, or broken jewelry? Don’t let your jewelry just sit there collecting dust. Instead, gather up all your unwanted pieces and bring them down to Shaw Jewelers. We buy gold, silver, and platinum right here in our shop in Fairfield, CT. We will evaluate your jewelry completely free of charge and give you immediate payment for the items we select. 

Turn Your Gold, Silver, and Platinum Into Cash

The daily price of gold is what we base our payments on. Constant fluctuation in the market is a given, but you can rest assured you will always be paid on the current price. Please call Shaw Jewelers today to find out more about our gold, silver, and platinum buying services, or come in today to turn your trinkets into cash! We look forward to your visit. 

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